1. Television Advertising Rethought

    Television Advertising Rethought

    Advertising dispersed within television shows is nothing new, but as advertisers, traditional TV networks, and streaming media services struggle to define how new mediums will operate (and profit), interesting things are happening. No longer as standard do we receive two-to-three commercial breaks during a 30 minute broadcast, where the show...

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  2. Thai National Anthem

    Thai National Anthem

    “Prathet Thai ruam lueat nuea chat chuea Thai, Pen pracha rat, phathai khong Thai thuk suan…” It’s 6pm; hundreds of us have paused exercising and come to a stop, as the sound of Thailand’s national anthem fills the air at Benjakiti Park, in the heart of Bangkok’s Asoke district. My...

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  3. Nepali Spirit

    Nepali Spirit

    Curious, welcoming, inquisitive, friendly, outgoing, hardworking, resilient, and friendly again for good measure – these are all words that very well describe Nepali people. I’ve been lucky enough to visit their country nearly 10 times and have been overwhelmed by how incredibly welcoming and seemingly happy they are, each and...

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  4. Exotic Pizza

    Exotic Pizza

    Canadians my age and younger (I was born in 1973) likely never realized our parents didn’t have mainstream pizza joints on city streets until relatively recently. I thought they were always there in major Canadian cities but it turns out they weren’t. This worldliness I thought Canadians had (as far...

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  5. Successful Speaking Events

    Successful Speaking Events

    After attending a some speaking events over the last couple months, and presenting at a few over the years myself, I got to thinking of elements that help create a successful event. While there’s no magic bullet, there are a good number of simple, easy to execute techniques and elements...

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  6. Going For Grohl

    Going For Grohl

    “Do what you love, love what you do”. It’s been said many ways, but the message is consistent. We’ve all theoretically got the same number of days, months and years in a lifetime. Best to spend as many as possible being productive in an enjoyable fashion, grab ahold of and...

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  7. Technology in My Lifetime

    Technology in My Lifetime

    Moore’s Law is an observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles roughly every two years. Coined about 1970, it’s held relatively true since then, and along with this doubling, price drops significantly as well during that period. This has meant a rapid growth in consumer...

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  8. Ten 2000s

    Ten 2000s

    First off, figuring out what to call the time period between 2000-2009 is way tougher than I thought. A simple search online offers some suggestions, varying from kinda-makes-sense to WTF? I’ve decided to call this time period the 2000s. In the same spirit as past musical posts like Ten Seventies,...

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  9. Starting a Travel Podcast

    Starting a Travel Podcast

    Even when taking time off or enjoying a relaxing day it seems my mind’s usually ticking along about a project, book, plan, or something I’d like to do. It would be nice to be able to entirely shut off the nerve center in this respect at times, but then again...

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