1. Suit & Ball Cap

    Suit & Ball Cap

    Certain styles and clothing combos can only be pulled-off by unique individuals and specific age groups. No one has really made wearing one sequined glove work since Michael Jackson, an Angry Bird t-shirt looks a bit suspect on anyone over 12, few people rock a bandana as well as Johnny...

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  2. Saying Goodbye to Thailand

    Saying Goodbye to Thailand

    Moving isn’t something I often do. Be it moving countries, cities or even homes within a city. The last decade-plus I’ve been residing in an apartment that was very close to work, great value for money and pretty comfy. The building, Jo Joke Mansion, is located on a typical suburban...

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  3. Transition


    I’ve been in Nepal now for two-and-a-half weeks and the time has really flown by. Considering I haven’t headed off on any treks, big expeditions, or had any firm plans, it’s staggering how fast time can go by when you’re reading, writing, thinking, relaxing, biking and taking the days as...

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  4. 15 Things to Think About

    15 Things to Think About

    My wife, knowing what I’m doing in Nepal and over the next few months in other locales, sent me a link to a story about things to keep in mind to be happier. I don’t think she views me as unhappy, nor am I, rather they are some pretty good...

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  5. Scott in Nepal: Day 3, May 11

    Scott in Nepal: Day 3, May 11

    A family of four from Denmark that’s stayed at Mads and Clare’s homestay, Shivapuri Retreat before, arrived yesterday evening for a two-night stay. We had a delicious Nepali meal and nice evening chatting. Everyone hit bed by about 10pm and I’m looking forward to getting on an earlier evening, early...

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  6. The End of the Guidebook?

    The End of the Guidebook?

    It’s hard to imagine life without the Internet. What’s more intriguing is how quickly much of the world has not only come to depend on it, but in many ways become addicted to constant access and take it for granted. Having almost every fact, detail, speck of information and constant...

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  7. Village Brewery

    Village Brewery

    I love beer. More specifically I love hand-crafted ones, with robust flavor, color, heart and soul. While I enjoy a Corona or standard lager once in a while, it’s generally ales, stouts, interesting seasonal brews and the odd white wheat that really get me excited and thirsty. For more than...

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