Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch

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Imperial China

More brunch than you can handle!

Over the last couple months I’ve been invited twice to experience what’s being billed as ‘Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch’ and it’s a doozy. The Imperial Queen’s Park has upped the brunch-ante with a unique concept that allows diners to move from one restaurant to another, grazing at all three of their signature restaurants. For one price you can taste offerings (and wine/beer) at the Parkview Restaurant which features an extensive range of international options, take in the best of Cantonese cuisine at Imperial China and also dive-in to Japanese fare at Kacho. So how does it stack-up?

I must admit I would not have thought of hitting brunch at the Imperial Queen’s Park had I not been invited. It’s an older hotel and there are many newer/hipper options in the city, but it turns out the food’s quite good. Much of the hotel has been renovated over the last year, the dining rooms are comfy and most importantly the food quality is high. Eating brunch at one venue is an undertaking let alone trying to take on three, but I’ve now happily done it twice. The key is pacing and deciding where your stomach’s dreams lie most.

During my most recent visit it was dim sum that was at the top of my ‘Must Eat List’ so we started at Imperial China. This is the nicest of the three dining rooms, truly feeling like you’re in a Hong Kong restaurant. There are a range of very tasty options, the dim sum are large, perfectly cooked and a host of other dishes delighted including ribs and Peking duck. You could easily fill up here and not even touch visit the two other venues, but there was important work to be done, so on we went.

Kacho is located on one of the top floors, rather small inside, has private rooms (small extra charge but good for an intimate group), and offers very nice views of the city below. Sashimi, nigiri, gyoza and other Japanese delights are laid-out in style and tasty. If you’re wanting just Japanese you’ll be better served by going to a stand-alone restaurant but as part of a larger brunch experience it was a nice change in environment for an hour.

Parkview Restaurant

Parkview is the hotel’s main dining room and while not overflowing with style there’s a rather impressive range on offer. Much like most Bangkok Sunday brunches there’s cheese, a number of roasted meats, Italian, pizzas and Thai. What’s nice is there’s also a seafood station (with a bottle of vodka to go with oysters), some Chinese options and a pretty decent desert area. Truly there’s little reason to leave this dining room unless you want to say you hit all three restaurants or to get a change of ambience and hopefully trick your tummy into thinking it’s mealtime again.

For those with a hearty appetite looking for something a bit different for their next Sunday brunch the Imperial Queen Park is a good choice. At 1,600B for food and 2,100B with wine/beer, the price is right and there’s truly something for everyone on offer.

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  1. wrote on August 14th, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    JJ Grill

    I am feeling hungry! Great review Scott.

    • wrote on August 15th, 2012 at 2:03 am


      Thanks JJ – you’re the master at the food reviews though!

  2. wrote on August 17th, 2012 at 2:20 pm


    Nice review. Gonna go there this weekend!

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