1. Developing Your Industry Authority

    Developing Your Industry Authority

    Remaining engaged and continuously growing within your professional field can be a challenge. While there are moments of excitement and discovery here and there, a majority of people find themselves doing what they know day-in and day-out. It’s natural and even comforting to stick to what’s familiar, is currently working...

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  2. Trickle-Down Service Satisfaction

    Trickle-Down Service Satisfaction

    Customer service is the backbone of the hospitality business. Consistently great service can bring with it not just customers, but fans who tell their friends and return time and time again. On the other hand, bad customer service is like a virus that can spread at lightening speed and often...

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  3. Raising the Value Proposition

    Raising the Value Proposition

    Every business is in competition, trying to outdo the other and bring more customers in the door. Product is typically the first aspect that draws attention, price is usually another major factor, service a huge one, but added value is the piece of the puzzle that truly wows customers and...

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  4. Step Away From Your Desk

    Step Away From Your Desk

    One evening in early 2011 while running my former adventure travel company, I got thinking about my Singaporean girlfriend who would soon be moving to live with me in Bangkok. I’d never formally resided with a significant other and realized my schedule would have to change. For years I’d routinely...

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  5. Trust


    Consciously developing trust greatly benefits individuals and organizations. Most people and entities do not regularly focus on building trust, resulting in unnecessary obstacles that can hinder relationships, flow, and ultimately reduce sales and profit. Emphasizing trust as a key component of smooth business operations can greatly improve many of your...

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  6. The Power of Storytelling

    The Power of Storytelling

    While a Fellow at the East-West Center in Hawaii, USA, taking part in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP), I was introduced to the concept of ‘Talking Story’. This Hawaiian tradition involves sharing history and experiences via storytelling and is a strong element of their culture. At first I viewed...

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  7. Successful Speaking Events

    Successful Speaking Events

    After attending a some speaking events over the last couple months, and presenting at a few over the years myself, I got to thinking of elements that help create a successful event. While there’s no magic bullet, there are a good number of simple, easy to execute techniques and elements...

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  8. Listening to Music While Working

    Listening to Music While Working

    I love listening to ambient music while working, writing, thinking and reading. Having some relaxing, lyric-free music ticking along in the background helps get me into a productive zone, isolates me from distractions and eliminates time from my mind. I quickly slip into a meditative-like state and typically become highly...

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  9. Staying Focused and on Task

    Staying Focused and on Task

    Most people at some point, if not semi-regularly, struggle to stay focused and on task with their work. Not just work directly associated with their paid, day-to-day profession, but also tasks, pursuits and personal work outside of the nine-to-five. There’s no magic bullet to staying focused and productive, but there...

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