1. Listening to Music While Working

    Listening to Music While Working

    I love listening to ambient music while working, writing, thinking and reading. Having some relaxing, lyric-free music ticking along in the background helps get me into a productive zone, isolates me from distractions and eliminates time from my mind. I quickly slip into a meditative-like state and typically become highly...

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  2. Ten Seventies

    Ten Seventies

    Music’s always been a life soundtrack for me. As long as I can remember music was always there: roller skating in my basement listening to Call Me by Blondie, a very young, poorly chosen obsession with the Village People, my first 45-single, I Love Rock N Roll by Joan Jett...

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  3. Five Great Bars

    Five Great Bars

    Most men have an affinity and kinship of sorts for their favorite watering hole. Movies, TV, and books have long depicted the male species visiting and even sneaking out to their favorite bar, being greeted by the barman and other patrons as they pass through the door. The classic was...

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  4. Canada’s Uniquely Nice

    Canada’s Uniquely Nice

    Things are going pretty well when the main things you get kidded about are how polite your people are, how they love to bare a flag when traveling, say “sorry” with regularity, eat maple syrup and see beavers daily, and follow a sport where fighting is a key and loved...

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  5. Musical Cycles

    Musical Cycles

    I love music. This has been the case for as long as I can remember. My first device for playing back music was a plastic Looney Toons record player, then a small portable cassette player with which I listened to Blondie’s Call Me and Village People hits incessantly, usually with...

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  6. Smartphonitis


    Anyone who’s been outside of their cave in the last couple of years has noticed it. A creeping change, shift in social behavior, perhaps even an ailment of sorts. Walking around like zombies they are – partially aware of the goings on in their surroundings, but regularly fading into another...

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  7. Suit & Ball Cap

    Suit & Ball Cap

    Certain styles and clothing combos can only be pulled-off by unique individuals and specific age groups. No one has really made wearing one sequined glove work since Michael Jackson, an Angry Bird t-shirt looks a bit suspect on anyone over 12, few people rock a bandana as well as Johnny...

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  8. Mutual Travel Respect

    Mutual Travel Respect

    September 29, 1999: My business partner Daniel Fraser and I boarded a plane from Calgary, Canada to Bangkok, Thailand. The idea: start a travel company for people that don’t like ‘tours’, yet want a very comprehensive experience in about two weeks. Smiling Albino was born. We spent our first year...

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