1. The Sonic Collective: Playlist 1

    The Sonic Collective: Playlist 1

    I’ve been devouring music as long as I can remember. Early memories include roller-skating in my basement while listening to Blondie and the Village People, then my first job DJing at Lloyd’s Recreation, a roller rink in Calgary, Canada. It was there I really expanded my musical knowledge, becoming acquainted...

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  2. Television Advertising Rethought

    Television Advertising Rethought

    Advertising dispersed within television shows is nothing new, but as advertisers, traditional TV networks, and streaming media services struggle to define how new mediums will operate (and profit), interesting things are happening. No longer as standard do we receive two-to-three commercial breaks during a 30 minute broadcast, where the show...

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  3. Going For Grohl

    Going For Grohl

    “Do what you love, love what you do”. It’s been said many ways, but the message is consistent. We’ve all theoretically got the same number of days, months and years in a lifetime. Best to spend as many as possible being productive in an enjoyable fashion, grab ahold of and...

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  4. Ten 2000s

    Ten 2000s

    First off, figuring out what to call the time period between 2000-2009 is way tougher than I thought. A simple search online offers some suggestions, varying from kinda-makes-sense to WTF? I’ve decided to call this time period the 2000s. In the same spirit as past musical posts like Ten Seventies,...

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  5. Ten Seventies

    Ten Seventies

    Music’s always been a life soundtrack for me. As long as I can remember music was always there: roller skating in my basement listening to Call Me by Blondie, a very young, poorly chosen obsession with the Village People, my first 45-single, I Love Rock N Roll by Joan Jett...

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  6. Ten Nineties

    Ten Nineties

    No Top 10 list can ever be definitive or the best as they’re entirely subjective. One’s taste in music is much like evaluating art – there’re different styles and pieces that appeal to individuals, individually. Many of the best selling albums often don’t have staying power and are forgotten (many...

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  7. Angry Birds’ Global Assault

    Angry Birds’ Global Assault

    2012 saw many trends, newsmakers and fads, one of the biggest being Phy’s catchy Gangnam Style, which took over global airwaves and broke the all-time YouTube views record. But I suggest there was a larger force at work this year that had greater impact upon the globe. One that crept...

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  8. Ten Eighties

    Ten Eighties

    The albums and cassettes I listened to in the Eighties (yep, that’s what we bought then), the really good ones, it’s funny how often I end up giving them a play today. And when they’re on, it’s not just the songs, but the emotions they stir, remembering little moments when...

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  9. Global Gangnam

    Global Gangnam

    A pudgy Korean man dressed like a campy Lady Gaga fan prances, gallops, swoons and finds his way in to millions of peoples’ hearts. The song is catchy, but certainly not the year’s best pop track. The beats are undeniably toe-tapping but it’s the video’s visual absurdity that’s lifted PSY’s...

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  10. Dave Lemke: a good storyteller

    Dave Lemke: a good storyteller

    A few weeks ago via a travel business connection, I was introduced by email to Dave Lemke, a Canadian photographer living in Hanoi, Vietnam. I’ve met a good number of professional photographers living in SE Asia over the years while running travel company Smiling Albino, and getting in touch with...

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