1. Louis CK is The Man

    Louis CK is The Man

    Okay, Louis CK isn’t literally The Man, the all-powerful individual that watches over the business world, keeps everything moving, making money and more importantly us making money for him, but his recent twists on how the entertainment industry works are noteworthy and have many industry heavyweights taking hard notice. Back...

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  2. U Smile Photo

    U Smile Photo

    Taking family/group photos is traditionally a drag. Getting all dolled-up, heading to some stuffy studio and standing super-ridged and faking a smile for an eternity is hardly fun nor natural. It’s no wonder that most family/couple photos look boring, dull and you don’t go and do it again until your...

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  3. Worst Album Covers Ever

    Worst Album Covers Ever

    A friend recently sent me a presentation of the ‘Worst Album Cover Ever’. Expecting it to be mildly entertaining I waited until there was a real lull in the day before opening. I shouldn’t have waited so long because I have found myself viewing it a couple of times per...

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  4. John Rambo – Things to Know

    John Rambo – Things to Know

    After watching all Rambo movies in various orders, I was moved by the depth of the films and more importantly the stupidity of supporting characters and their seeming lack of background knowledge of the main character, Rambo. Following are some Rules I suggest supporting characters in possible future Rambo films...

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