1. Scott’s Top 10 of 2015

    Scott’s Top 10 of 2015

    2015 has come and gone, much was achieved, and I’m thankful to have had the time and opportunity to enjoy many fun things along the way. Following are 10 things I was introduced to last year, like, and recommend to you. Yes, some of them were actually introduced before 2015,...

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  2. Exotic Pizza

    Exotic Pizza

    Canadians my age and younger (I was born in 1973) likely never realized our parents didn’t have mainstream pizza joints on city streets until relatively recently. I thought they were always there in major Canadian cities but it turns out they weren’t. This worldliness I thought Canadians had (as far...

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  3. Five Great Bars

    Five Great Bars

    Most men have an affinity and kinship of sorts for their favorite watering hole. Movies, TV, and books have long depicted the male species visiting and even sneaking out to their favorite bar, being greeted by the barman and other patrons as they pass through the door. The classic was...

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  4. Village Brewery

    Village Brewery

    I love beer. More specifically I love hand-crafted ones, with robust flavor, color, heart and soul. While I enjoy a Corona or standard lager once in a while, it’s generally ales, stouts, interesting seasonal brews and the odd white wheat that really get me excited and thirsty. For more than...

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  5. Food is really taking off

    Food is really taking off

    I love food but am by no means a foodie, a term that’s really hit the mainstream over the past few years. I also don’t have cable so I’m not entirely up-to-speed on all the celebrity cooking shows but am aware of a number of their names and how food...

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  6. Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch

    Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch

    More brunch than you can handle! Over the last couple months I’ve been invited twice to experience what’s being billed as ‘Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch’ and it’s a doozy. The Imperial Queen’s Park has upped the brunch-ante with a unique concept that allows diners to move from one restaurant to another,...

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  7. Billecart-Salmon dinner at D’Sens

    Billecart-Salmon dinner at D’Sens

    I’d never even heard of a champagne dinner let alone work through one until last night. The Dusit Thani Bangkok’s Trudy Cook treated a handful of invited guests to a fabulous evening at D’Sens restaurant with the main focus being Billecart-Salmon champagnes. Perched on the 21st floor of the Dusit’s flagship property in...

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  8. Teepee Bar

    Teepee Bar

    If you’re in Chiang Rai city, in Thailand’s northernmost province, and fancy meeting some interesting locals, travelers on their way through and everyone else in between then head to Teepee Bar.A Chiang Rai landmark since 1993, it was started by ‘Too’. This long-haired, very interesting, hip individual, graduated with an...

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  9. Rising Food Prices in Thailand

    Rising Food Prices in Thailand

    After reading about food shortages worldwide, especially rice, over the last few months and wondering when the street-level crunch would be felt – it came. Last week after work I returned to my residential street in eastern Bangkok (Ramkamhang Road), went to my favorite side-of-the-road food shop and ordered one...

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