1. Cascading Risk

    Cascading Risk

    Following on my last blog about a visit to the Polynesian Voyaging Society and a meeting with Nainoa Thompson, this is a short Think Piece I wrote in early September 2011 as part of my studies in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program. It’s about a boating disaster and ties-in with...

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  2. It’s Almost Over!!

    It’s Almost Over!!

    December 1 hit with a bang, reminding me that it was one year ago already I had my application material submitted to try and take part in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) here at the East West Center. At that time I couldn’t conceive taking a leave of absence from...

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  3. Asia Pacific Leadership Program 2012-13

    Asia Pacific Leadership Program 2012-13

    Aloha Friends – if you’re feeling in need of a life reassessment, expanding your horizons, and/or growing, consider applying for the 2012-13 intake of the Asia Pacific Leadership Program, at the East West Center which I’m currently enjoying here in Honolulu, HI. It’s been a very rewarding three-and-a-half months so...

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  4. Education = Less People

    Education = Less People

    As part of my studies in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program in Honolulu, we have to come up with questions surrounding what we deem to be important regional core issues (RCI). The following piece was produced in late September in relation to my RCI question: “Is education the key to...

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