1. Cycling Without Age

    Cycling Without Age

    During my first 13-years living and working in SE Asia, I helped develop eight community programs throughout the region. These came about while leading trips with my former travel company and addressing perceived needs as they were encountered. From leading English workshops for students along the Thai-Myanmar border, to building...

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  2. Scott’s Top 10 of 2015

    Scott’s Top 10 of 2015

    2015 has come and gone, much was achieved, and I’m thankful to have had the time and opportunity to enjoy many fun things along the way. Following are 10 things I was introduced to last year, like, and recommend to you. Yes, some of them were actually introduced before 2015,...

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  3. Thai National Anthem

    Thai National Anthem

    “Prathet Thai ruam lueat nuea chat chuea Thai, Pen pracha rat, phathai khong Thai thuk suan…” It’s 6pm; hundreds of us have paused exercising and come to a stop, as the sound of Thailand’s national anthem fills the air at Benjakiti Park, in the heart of Bangkok’s Asoke district. My...

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  4. Going For Grohl

    Going For Grohl

    “Do what you love, love what you do”. It’s been said many ways, but the message is consistent. We’ve all theoretically got the same number of days, months and years in a lifetime. Best to spend as many as possible being productive in an enjoyable fashion, grab ahold of and...

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  5. Say “Hello”

    Say “Hello”

    For many years when I’ve passed homeless people and beggars I’ve often smiled, made eye contact and said “hello”. Sometimes I give money, but more often than not my contribution has been eye contact and sharing one simple word. The human experience at its base root is being recognized, feeling...

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  6. Canada’s Uniquely Nice

    Canada’s Uniquely Nice

    Things are going pretty well when the main things you get kidded about are how polite your people are, how they love to bare a flag when traveling, say “sorry” with regularity, eat maple syrup and see beavers daily, and follow a sport where fighting is a key and loved...

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  7. Musical Cycles

    Musical Cycles

    I love music. This has been the case for as long as I can remember. My first device for playing back music was a plastic Looney Toons record player, then a small portable cassette player with which I listened to Blondie’s Call Me and Village People hits incessantly, usually with...

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  8. Smartphonitis


    Anyone who’s been outside of their cave in the last couple of years has noticed it. A creeping change, shift in social behavior, perhaps even an ailment of sorts. Walking around like zombies they are – partially aware of the goings on in their surroundings, but regularly fading into another...

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  9. Suit & Ball Cap

    Suit & Ball Cap

    Certain styles and clothing combos can only be pulled-off by unique individuals and specific age groups. No one has really made wearing one sequined glove work since Michael Jackson, an Angry Bird t-shirt looks a bit suspect on anyone over 12, few people rock a bandana as well as Johnny...

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