1. Look What’s Cooking

    Look What’s Cooking

    A popular people’s group that was instrumental in ousting the corrupt government in 2006, the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), started leading protests against the current government in June 2008 in response to their plans to amend the constitution to assist the ousted former Prime Minister’s legal case, among other...

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  2. A Great Day out with Siam Wheels

    A Great Day out with Siam Wheels

    Today was a real treat. Smiling Albino partner and Siam Wheels founder, Derek van Pelt treated Scott & Dan to a day riding three of his gorgeous Harley Davidsons. We met at Derek’s house in eastern Bangkok about 09:30, learned about the bikes then headed out for a planned ride...

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  3. Teepee Bar

    Teepee Bar

    If you’re in Chiang Rai city, in Thailand’s northernmost province, and fancy meeting some interesting locals, travelers on their way through and everyone else in between then head to Teepee Bar.A Chiang Rai landmark since 1993, it was started by ‘Too’. This long-haired, very interesting, hip individual, graduated with an...

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  4. Rising Food Prices in Thailand

    Rising Food Prices in Thailand

    After reading about food shortages worldwide, especially rice, over the last few months and wondering when the street-level crunch would be felt – it came. Last week after work I returned to my residential street in eastern Bangkok (Ramkamhang Road), went to my favorite side-of-the-road food shop and ordered one...

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