1. Developing Your Industry Authority

    Developing Your Industry Authority

    Remaining engaged and continuously growing within your professional field can be a challenge. While there are moments of excitement and discovery here and there, a majority of people find themselves doing what they know day-in and day-out. It’s natural and even comforting to stick to what’s familiar, is currently working...

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  2. Television Advertising Rethought

    Television Advertising Rethought

    Advertising dispersed within television shows is nothing new, but as advertisers, traditional TV networks, and streaming media services struggle to define how new mediums will operate (and profit), interesting things are happening. No longer as standard do we receive two-to-three commercial breaks during a 30 minute broadcast, where the show...

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  3. Technology in My Lifetime

    Technology in My Lifetime

    Moore’s Law is an observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles roughly every two years. Coined about 1970, it’s held relatively true since then, and along with this doubling, price drops significantly as well during that period. This has meant a rapid growth in consumer...

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  4. End of the Guidebook 2?

    End of the Guidebook 2?

    Earlier in 2013 I wrote “The End of the Guidebook?”, inspired by the BBC’s sale of Lonely Planet (LP) and some other stories I read around the same time regarding the future of traditional printed guidebooks. I related my history of using guidebooks while traveling, my first email account and...

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  5. Smartphonitis


    Anyone who’s been outside of their cave in the last couple of years has noticed it. A creeping change, shift in social behavior, perhaps even an ailment of sorts. Walking around like zombies they are – partially aware of the goings on in their surroundings, but regularly fading into another...

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  6. The End of the Guidebook?

    The End of the Guidebook?

    It’s hard to imagine life without the Internet. What’s more intriguing is how quickly much of the world has not only come to depend on it, but in many ways become addicted to constant access and take it for granted. Having almost every fact, detail, speck of information and constant...

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  7. Technological Travel Distraction

    Technological Travel Distraction

    In October 1999, around the time I moved to Thailand, I met a very peculiar Dutch man who was already a long time resident of Bangkok. He ran what was then the first and only company that ran bicycle tours through the city’s labyrinthine alleys and along canal-side communities. I...

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  8. Louis CK is The Man

    Louis CK is The Man

    Okay, Louis CK isn’t literally The Man, the all-powerful individual that watches over the business world, keeps everything moving, making money and more importantly us making money for him, but his recent twists on how the entertainment industry works are noteworthy and have many industry heavyweights taking hard notice. Back...

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