1. From the Great Wall

    From the Great Wall

    This was supposed to be posted a week ago but it seems China doesn’t like WordPress and it’s blocked. Here’s the post: A quick ‘hello’ from Beijing where I’m enjoying our Asia Pacific Leadership Program field trip to Tokyo, rural China and Beijing. Sixteen of our cohort are taking part...

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  2. In to the Field for a Study

    In to the Field for a Study

    An intriguing aspect of joining the Asia Pacific Leadership Program was the two-week NE Asia Field Study in October. After two months learning here at the East-West Center (EWC) in Honolulu, the time has come to head off and hit the road with some of my Generation 11 cohorts from...

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  3. Live Again – from Honolulu

    Live Again – from Honolulu

    It’s been about two years since I last updated my blog and I’m not sure what happened and why I let it go? Better late than never as the saying goes and here I am again, hopefully with a better perspective, bit more writing style and a blog that will...

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  4. Back in Thailand

    Back in Thailand

    I recently took a mountain biking trip to southern Switzerland with a great company, Big Mountain Bike Adventures and then enjoyed a few days of rnr in Amsterdam at the end. Having never been to mainland Europe the experience was a great one and a wonderful introduction to that part...

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  5. A Great Day out with Siam Wheels

    A Great Day out with Siam Wheels

    Today was a real treat. Smiling Albino partner and Siam Wheels founder, Derek van Pelt treated Scott & Dan to a day riding three of his gorgeous Harley Davidsons. We met at Derek’s house in eastern Bangkok about 09:30, learned about the bikes then headed out for a planned ride...

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  6. Teepee Bar

    Teepee Bar

    If you’re in Chiang Rai city, in Thailand’s northernmost province, and fancy meeting some interesting locals, travelers on their way through and everyone else in between then head to Teepee Bar.A Chiang Rai landmark since 1993, it was started by ‘Too’. This long-haired, very interesting, hip individual, graduated with an...

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