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When I was getting close to finishing high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do next or study after graduating. To this day I don’t understand how people know what to pursue immediately after Grade 12, seeing as you’ve only gone to school thus far in life. Wanting to take a year off, my parents were insistent I continue my studies regardless of what it was. I was deejaying at a roller skating rink at the time (still one of my favorite jobs to date) and a natural extension it seemed was Radio Broadcasting. I enrolled in a two-year diploma program at SAIT, did well and enjoyed it a great deal.

TTA-Logo3For various reasons I didn’t continue professionally down that path after graduating, traveled for a year instead, then enrolled in a Communications degree at Mount Royal University, majoring in Journalism, with plans to be a television news reporter. Shortly after graduation I was offered a wonderful opportunity with a former professor at CBC Edmonton, but passed it up, instead moving to Thailand to start a travel company with a friend. Over the next 13-years professional travel became my life, but I managed to dabble in journalism along the way, writing for various magazines, newspapers, websites, producing short travel videos, writing guide maps and hosting a travel podcast. It was a lot of fun.

Moving out of the travel business and on to another country in 2013, I was still writing but missed the spoken word and sharing it with others. I also found myself talking travel with a good friend and guidebook writer Trevor Ranges. Our musings became more regular and we decided to share our more than 25-collective-years as professional travelers with others via a podcast: Talk Travel Asia was born.

Every two weeks we post a new episode, chatting about various travel topics, interviewing guests and connecting listeners with our favorite aspects of travel and life in Asia. The topics are broad, guests passionate and we love doing it. Briefly escape your life, wherever in the world it is, listen to an episode and indulge your exotic travel bug!
Talk Travel Asia: Cultivating Travel Insight Through Intelligent Conversation

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