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Trip Consulting

Trip Consulting

Vacation time is one of life’s most precious things. There’s rarely enough, you tend to anticipate it well in advance of the actual date, and want to make the most of every moment. Capitalizing on not just each day, but hour, is key to a fulfilling and life-changing trip. I can help you do just that – maximize your time in SE Asia and the greater region.

Scott-Coates-PatanI’ve lived and worked in SE Asia since 1999, co-founded one of the region’s premier luxury travel companies, host a travel podcast, have deep connections throughout Asia, am a master at connecting the dots, and get things done. Most importantly, I’m creative, and understand the intricacies of crafting complex travel experiences that come off seamlessly. I’m friends with guidebook writers in Cambodia, know a famous painter in the far throws of northern Thailand, and vacation with explorers in Nepal. Let me share my network with you.

How it Works
Send me a short email outlining your travel plans, dreams, budget, and what you think you need the most help with. I’ll have a read, give it a think, and let you know if I can be of service and add value to your trip. If there’s a fit, we can move forward. My consulting/design rate is $75US/hour, with a minimum of 3-hours.

From there we can connect by phone for about 30 minutes to go over your plans, ask some questions, share ideas, and hone-in on an initial travel template. I can recommend specific hotels, make introductions to expert hosts, suggest specialty activities, and firmly plug you in to the areas you’ll visit. I’ll then work my contacts, dream big, pick some brains, and craft a customized itinerary for you within a week. After you’ve absorbed it, we can have another conversation to refine and you’re on your way! Or we can take things a bit farther…

I can also help manage your trip with a more hands-on approach, allowing you to simply get on the plane and enjoy. Options include:

  • Making hotel, air, boat, and other essential bookings
  • Arranging guides and drivers for you along the way
  • Secure expert hosts, prime tables at restaurants, and have a bottle of wine waiting at just the right spot and time
  • Join you for a meal or drink, sharing historical tidbits and insider tales
  • Personally host you here and there

I’ve designed and hosted trips for A-List Hollywood actors, global business leaders, and even a crab fishermen. All of them had a world-class experience. If we’re speaking the same language, I look forward to hearing from you and weaving the ultimate itinerary together. Send me an email and let the journey begin.